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Our vision


Our women

As women, we wanted to nurture a workplace in Odisha for other women as passionate as us

Our company is small and relationship driven

We believe in giving our women values such as community, literacy, women's health

Our agarbatti company begun by a woman is run 100% by women

We help women come to work every day at our location from neighboring slums (bastis) in Bhubaneswar. These are stories of resilient women who have overcome different life experiences

Help socially disadvantaged women 

become financially independent

Stories of our women


All names have been changed to remain confidential

  • Kamini is a woman who grew up in a family in a slum. She studied up to class eight, inspite of coming from a financially challenged background. She is married and has a teenage child. Her income from agarbatti supports her family to live in a bigger house.

  • Pabi is 45 years, grew up in a slum. Today she lives in a slum in the southern part of the city and walks everyday to work for 30 minutes. When asked about it, she smiles and says she enjoys her work, so likes to walk. She still refuses to take any transportation to work.

  • Namita’s husband lost his job at one of the local factories. So she learned how to make agarbatti at 41 years to support her children’s education. She is the main bread winner of her family and children.

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