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What is agarbatti?

Traditionally used for worship, agarbatti is made of coated bamboo sticks. The lower end of the stick is usually colored, while the upper end is the part that is lit.

Who are the people making agarbatti in your company?

We are a 100% women run company. Our staff are mostly socially and financially underprivileged women who themselves make and package agarbatti at our site. They learn this in our workshops and training.

By purchasing our products, you support these women for a good cause.

We work with women including both married and unmarried women who are looking to be financially independent. These women are breadwinners in their family often supporting family members and/or children.


What are some benefits of working in your women run company?

Our women are comfortable working in an environment where they get support from other women.  Some women have survived domestic abuse or were previously confined to their homes that have now become financially independent.

They manage everything from production, packaging, labeling and other parts of agarbatti manufacturing.  

Can you ship agarbatti to other places?

Currently we ship to places within India by post.

Can we buy agarbatti at your factory site?

Yes, please use our 'contact us' form.


I live outside India. Do you ship internationally?

Soon we plan on shipping our agarbatti overseas. Please look for updates on our website on when this shall be ready.


Can we order agarbatti through your website?

Yes. Please use our order form on our website to request a purchase quote. Once we receive your quote, we shall contact you with further details on how to place your order.


Can I choose a scent I like and place a custom order?

Yes.  You can place orders for a scent that you like. For custom orders, please use our order form on our website to request a purchase quote. We shall contact you directly.

I am a business. How can I add my GSTN when placing an order?

In the ‘request for quote’ form, just add your GSTN. We shall add it to the invoice.

I do not know which scent I like. What can I do?

Choose our ‘assorted scented pack’.  We have different scents in this pack. Try these and see which one you like to order more.

I like your agarbatti and want to order regularly. Can I get a discount?

Yes, we give a discount to our regular customers.  Mention in our ‘request for quote’ form how often you would like to purchase and what quantity.


Can we do a site visit to your factory?

Yes. Please email us for further details or use the ‘contact us’ form on our website.

When will your next workshop be?

The dates for the next workshop will be posted on our website. Please check website for updates.

Who can take part in your workshop?

Anyone with an interest in agarbatti making can take part in our workshops. We bring teachers who demonstrate everything using our equipment and machines. People wanting to start a new agarbatti business or learn to make agarbatti as a hobby have also signed up for our workshops.

I want to learn how to make agarbatti but cannot afford to pay for your workshop. What can I do?

Our workshops are at an affordable price. If you have financial difficulty, please use the 'contact us form' to inform us.

In what languages do you teach in your workshop?

English, Hindi and Oriya

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