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We are more than just an agarbatti company.  We believe in giving our women values. We try to be their support system and be their second family. These are some things we teach our women.


We give importance to women literacy. Our women learn more than making agarbatti. Many of our women are school and college dropouts.

We help them improve their reading and writing both in English and Oriya. When they first come to work to us, many of the women were hesitant to write or read. A few of them were shy of writing their own name. 


Now many of them can read and write basic English and Oriya, fill out their own forms and write notes!


Here are some photos of our staff in their learning sessions.

women's health

We are committed to our staff. We teach our women about their health. On some days, we invite speakers who discuss these topics with our women and answer their questions.


Because we are a women run company,  our staff are comfortable in opening up about these topics in front of other women. Some of them are victims of domestic abuse through a spouse or family. They normally  find it difficult to talk about these matters when they lack support at home.




We teach our women to give importance to plants and environment. Each year we plant trees on our site and also invite staff and their children to participate. We began this right after a big cyclone devastated many trees and plants in the area where our site is located. Many plants were destroyed and had to be replanted in the city.

See some of our tree planting events with our  founder here.


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